Build a Membership Organisation
Purpose of this documentation:
To provide a information for marketing,operations,sales and development personnel. To try to bridge the knowledge gap betweeen technical development and business/oprational needs for the the Group Platform.

Group Platform

Group Platform(GP) is a platform built to provide group space for groups. Its designed to provide the tools, the content management, member management tools designed to service a small, medium or large membership organisation.


  • Because each of the sites is built on top of a platform, when a fix is made it applies to all sites
  • Any module built for one site can be shared between multiple sites
  • We may be able to build a developer community to support groups


A class of sites, with a single reference "model site" that is used to generate additional sites. Each umbrella has its own specific "model site". For example, suppose Boys Scouts of America wanted to use the Group Platform. It would get its own umbrella organisation, along with its own model site customized for their org. After that each scout troop could create its own site.
Each umbrella has its own pricing structure. E.g. sometimes we bill the umbrella, sometimes we bill each member site, sometimes we take a percentage of each member, sometimes we provide it free.
As an example, another umbrella might be called "Chamber Platform", which could be used to generate chamber of commeber websites for multiple different chambers of commerce.
Each umbrella has umbrella users with a login (/umbrella)

The website, and login area for the membership organisation. The site will belong to an umbrella, and be initially created from the "model site". Each site has has an admin area, and a member area.

Each site has and admin area (/admin) to login and administrate the site

Each site has members and a member login area (/member)

The platform has a super user concept for operations/customer support/etc. It has a login area for the user super user (/super)

Each sales person has a login, tied to particular umbrellas.

Super Admin Login

Signup Place for Creating site

Old Model For Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Product


Ticket Master Product
Dev Ticket Master

Dev Site Admin

Dev Site Super


Developer Notes